HALLOWEEN in the colors of the world Featured

PARC Breton, which stands out for its originality, has populated its gardens all over the world with extraordinary creatures. Flamboyant pirates, Balinese witches, mocking Asian skeletons, Brazilian voodoo with dazzling feathers, masked Mexicans donned in their ponchos ... wander among cacti, bananas and bougainvillea! The journey promises to be dangerous...

Difficult to catch up with them at nightfall, even with hundreds of pumpkins glistening in the vegetation.
So that the fright is complete, the staff is disguised and the visitors who wish so too!

SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT from October 28 to November 3

Anthony Sérazine of Cie Orange Frostée, a great traveler, will tell the legends of death from Brittany to Mexico, from Africa to China.
The dinosaur tamer for an unprecedented journey to the Jurassic era.
Seydouba Camara, the Guinean artist who mixes circus arts and African bush traditions.

Parrots "special Halloween"

The parrots' aviaries are decorated with carved pumpkins. During the day, macaws and cockatoos emerge from their enclosures and fly past visitors sitting in the stands. A bit shy they land on the arms of young and old and thus provide beautiful photographic memories.

Breathtaking view!

In order to set the tone and to immerse young and old in the atmosphere, the park has completely themed its exotic gardens. During their walk, visitors enter unique worlds:

The Bambouseraie "of the Zombies"
The "witches" school
The Mexican Garden with Giant Spiders
Small Bamboo Monsters
Pumpkins in the African Garden

The park has not skimped on the decorations - review of details:

30 life-size vending machines: witches, monsters, ghosts haunt the park's paths. Look up, some are perched!
72 1m high Yissu spirits
50 giant spiders of 2m
50 spiders of 1.50 m
50 caged witches
50 caged ghosts
50 flying bats of 80 cm
50 bats upside down
50 skeletons
300 pumpkin lanterns
200 paper lanterns
And hundreds of meters of cobwebs!

The park is located in St Jacut-les-Pins in Morbihan (56) 45' from Rennes, Nantes, La Baule and 30' from Vannes.

Open until November 7, 2021.

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