Halloween 2021 in Pairi Daiza Featured

Between October 23 and November 7, 2021, Pairi Daiza will immerse its visitors in a Halloween atmosphere where young and old can enjoy themselves. A creative and wondrous Halloween, spotlighting the park's artists and legends. An original program of animations and spectacles illustrating the rituals of life and death.

Thousands of flowers, pounds of pumpkins, scarecrows, friendly ghosts, funny vampires, mischievous witches and witty skeletons. For 20 days and 19 nights, the Gardens of Pairi Daiza don their autumn attire. The Garden of the Worlds' more than 7,000 animals invite all mythical creatures and beautifully dressed visitors to stroll along the park's trails. A merry Halloween, which will make the park look even more enchanting and which, on 23 and 24 October and from 30 October to 7 November, will showcase the creations and achievements of 120 artists every day.
In total, Pairi Daiza proposes 52 animations or creative spaces for Halloween. Compared to the previous editions, that's 24 novelties! This rich and original program places particular emphasis on the creation with 12 original animations and unprecedented spectacles. A wish of the park come true, after two years of the corona crisis that has deprived the country of its artistic expression for too long.
The Halloween period will also be the time when the visitor can admire the volcanoes of the western lowland gorilla as they reawaken! Vibrations have been felt for several days now. Perhaps these volcanoes will become active again to reinforce the start of the festivities? Of course our animals are not disturbed.

Halloween in Pairi Daiza is also the opportunity for visitors to win dozens of subscriptions and entrance tickets to the park. From October 23, all visitors can continuously participate in five competitions.

Halloween 2021 in Pairi Daiza, which are:

• 52 animations or creative spaces, 24 novelties including 12 original animations and unprecedented spectacles;
• 120 artists per day on October 23 and 24 and from October 30 to November 7;
• 3 enchanting mapping videos, including a new creation on the lake thanks to a wall of water;
• Music and concerts with five different bands during eleven days;
• Mythical and original sets and creatures, works by local artists;
• Africa's two volcanoes in full action;
• The participation of Belgian and French circus schools;
• The Halloween enrichments for the animals and devilish dishes in the 30 restaurants.


From October 23, in La Terre des Origines, a world dedicated to the beauty of Africa, the visitor can watch the volcanoes of the western lowland gorilla wake up again! Shocks have been felt for several days and it may well be that after nightfall, a show of steam and light will bring the two volcanoes of Africa to life. Spectacular images ahead!


On October 23rd and 24th and from October 30th to November 7th. For Halloween, Pairi Daiza will be showcasing the artists and the creation with twelve unprecedented animations. From 2 pm, strange characters walk around the 75 hectares
large park. Giant scarecrows, living trees, a choir of ghost monks: they bring you choreographies and chants from the afterlife, as well as a traditional African dance, the dance of the coffin.
The 3 Jeannes, 2.5 meters high puppets and living dead in historical costume, bring the legend of the park to life. According to that legend, 800 corpses of noblemen rest on the Domain of Cambron, not far from the remains of the 300 monks buried in their garden, in open ground.
In the Oasis, the duo Biscotte and Brioche propose a musical and theatrical spectacle for young and old (accessible from 3 years).
The Pyronix company presents its new spectacle Ragnarok. These acrobats and jugglers will dazzle you with their fire control and their unprecedented pyrotechnic effects. The Vikings take center stage in their creation, in a dazzling show of flamboyant effects and a swirling mass of flames and sparks.

For each day of animations, almost 120 artists are ready to present these original creations to the visitors of Pairi Daiza.


Every day from October 23 to November 7
The audiovisual video projections have become an integral part of Pairi Daiza's Halloween season. In addition to the two symbolic sites, namely the Tower of Cambron and the ruins of the Abbey, as well as the petting zoo, this year visitors can marvel at a wall of water rising from the lake (near the Izba). This new creation on the water is an unprecedented poetic mapping, entirely devoted to the monsters of the deep sea. It is without a doubt one of the creations in the park that you should not miss this fall!


On October 23 and 24 and from October 30 to November 7.
This year, the large dome is also dressed in Halloween colors. The dome of Pairi Daiza is a covered area of ??almost 2000 m2. During three weekends and throughout the week from 1 to 5 November, from 2 to 6 pm, vampires and acrobats, as well as jugglers from various Belgian and French circus schools, can show what they can do here. In this covered area, you can enjoy family entertainment that is also suitable for the very young and that will make you tremble and dream at the same time.
At night, the dome is transformed into a space dedicated to music. For eleven days there are concerts by five different bands. A versatile program that enchants all ears: the rock choir Aequivox, the Mexican band 4Cascabel, the hits of Freddie Mercury & co., covered by Cover Queen, or G4 Band and the Celtic Seven.

ALSO THE ANIMALS PARTY FROM 23 October to 7 November

In Europe's Best Zoo, of course, the 7,000 animals will also be partying throughout the Halloween period. They are also entitled to their specific programme. The caretakers prepare menus and enrichments for them, which are all about Halloween. Bats, elephants, lemurs, gorillas, hippos, lions, wild boars, meerkats, .... Enjoy!

DEVIL DISHES from October 23 to November 7

The chef of Pairi Daiza will propose themed dishes and menus. Whether inspired by the recipes of yesteryear or made from pumpkins and forgotten vegetables, everyone will love them.

SPOTS, PHOTOS AND MATCHES on October 23rd and 24th and from October 30th to November 7th

In order to make the Halloween period a fantastic moment of celebration for its visitors, Pairi Daiza offers dozens of subscriptions and entrance tickets. Visitors can participate in five competitions:
• The traditional contest where you have to guess the weight of the pumpkin is back
• The (wrongly) terrifying animal quiz to learn more about the park's lesser-known animals

• The costume contest in which all visitors who come to the park in costume can participate
• The most beautiful scarecrow contest (see below)
• And finally the photo contest of mythical creatures and photo locations, where visitors will have the chance to take pictures next to giant sets and mythical creatures; they are unique works by Belgian artists. The dragon, the werewolf, the cauldron, testing coffins, the Ghost of Light or the Pandalloween from the 2021 poster: who is your favourite?
For the competition for the most beautiful scarecrow, participants are invited to set up their scarecrow at the reception from 18 to 31 October. The Halloween scarecrows will be placed in the park and will be part of the 2021 decor. We give the public the opportunity to be original, but at the same time respect the spirit of Halloween in Pairi Daiza, intended “for all audiences”.

Halloween at Pairi Daiza, from October 23 to November 7. During the weekends and from October 30 to November 7, the park will be open until 9.30 pm.
This year Pairi Daiza will be open until January 9, 2022.
The full program and opening hours can be found at: www.pairidaiza.eu

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