5 mazes, 5 scare zones and 5 nocturnes Featured

Who comes to shudder in the most fun country will discover this autumn even more opportunities than ever before to let themselves be terrified. Yummy, Bazaar Bizarre and Sonar – the three existing haunted houses – will be accompanied by two additional Halloween experiences from the end of October. In addition, the late evening program is again filled with shows, street animations and Epic Parties.

Last year Bobbejaanland invested in impressive sets and beautiful costumes for three new scare zones to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Halloween. Unfortunately, the doors had to close early due to corona. “But this year we are back – and stronger than ever”, says Yves Peeters, general manager of the park. “Those who descend to Lichtaart during this period will discover the complete metamorphosis. It has been a difficult period for everyone. We are gradually getting our freedoms back. That is why we have decided to carry out the planned investments and let our visitors enjoy the biggest event of the year.”

Texas Butcher

At the moment two new haunted houses are being built. The chilling "Texas Butcher" is hosting a special open house in Cowboy Town. This unique butcher is known by all residents of the cowboy village and far beyond for its delicious cup and liver pâté. But will it stay that way after a behind-the-scenes tour?


'CORP.' is the name of the second Halloween experience. This criminal organization is engaged in a shady business. They have the one and only Rabidi Porcus on offer: a GMO-modified beast that was brought to life by bio-engineers. Auctioneer Valentin likes to show it to a gang of rogue traders. But is that safe?

“The second haunted house is not a classic walk-through haunted house. It starts with a strong story and good actors. The spaces are truly immersive. Not only because of the decor, but also because of the sound that comes from all sides. The visitors will have to escape the Rabidi Porcus. So the guests have been warned! They will have to be fit to succeed in this mission”, says commercial and creative director Peggy Verelst. The experience will last about 10 minutes in total.

Five unique scare zones

In addition to five haunted houses, Bobbejaanland also has five scare zones in various themes. The existing 'Toxic Waters' was expanded and the colorful 'Plaza de los Muertos' - where the dead are honored - got a different location. Attraction King Kong gets a formidable competitor in Adventure Valley: the four-meter-tall monkey king Bansoeli rules the 'Monkey Clan' during Halloween. In Cowboy Town, zombie cowboys no longer roam, but 'Circus Carnivale' sets the city in turmoil. In the third new zone you walk away from 'Voodoo Bayou', inspired by New Orleans. “All thematic zones have been meticulously worked out and contain both large eye-catchers and small decor elements”, explains Peggy Verelst. “We are convinced that the new atmosphere will be liked by our audience.” The scare zones are free and accessible to everyone.

Halloween for kids

Children also experience an unforgettable Halloween in Bobbejaanland. To pamper the younger visitors, a collaboration was set up with the makers of the popular animation series 'Knight Mouse'. Since the beginning of last year, the adventures of this cool mouse and her best friend Dragon can be followed on Ketnet. During the Halloween period, Knight Mouse, Dragon and Mister Witch come to Bobbejaanland - where they will welcome the children in a unique and interactive show.

Fabric Magic, the makers of the popular youth series #LikeMe, also took up pen and paper to write and produce a new family show for Bobbejaanland: Bansoeli Beats. That musical spectacle will be played multiple times each day in Adventure Valley. There, a tribe of humans lives hand in hand with the local monkey clan. Together they bring a daily tribute to Bansoeli: the greatest god of the monkey kingdom. But then they are suddenly interrupted. Explorer Nicholas Nicholson has nefarious plans and wants to raze the jungle to the ground. Who will win Adventure Valley?

Young visitors who find Halloween a bit too exciting can pick up the special anti-monster amulet for free at the entrance to Bobbejaanland. By wearing it visibly or putting it up in the air, the roles are briefly reversed and the monsters run away from the children in fear.

A COVID safe Halloween edition

In Bobbejaanland, the mask obligation still applies in the queues and on attractions for every visitor older than 12 years. The same rules apply to the catering industry and shops as in the rest of Flanders.

A covid test or vaccination certificate is currently not required in Bobbejaanland. That could change depending on government decisions. The Bobbejaanland website is kept up to date at all times, so that the current measures in the park are always clear.


Halloween in Bobbejaanland starts on Saturday 23 October and ends on Sunday 7 November.? The calendar and opening times can be consulted at www.bobbejaanland.be. The park organizes nocturnes on five days and will be open until 9 pm. From 5 p.m., the program gets a little tougher - with more actors and an extra dark side.

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