Walibi Belgium 24/05/2021 Featured

On Monday, May 24, the time had finally come and we could leave for Walibi Belgium to tame Kondaa.

Before we got there, we had to drive for about 2 hours by train to arrive at the end station Bierges - Walibi around 9.40 am.
After a trip from the station and the long queue, we arrived at the entrance a little after 10:00.
The entry went very smoothly and that was due to the good flow and distribution of everyone.

Of course, Walibi's kangaroo was waiting for everyone to welcome you to the park.
You immediately saw that all thrill seekers took the road that went directly to Kondaa, but we first turned to the left and went towards the Cobra.

Because we were already a bit hungry, we decided to eat at Karma World.
The food here is really good and definitely recommended for any visitor.
For a water attraction the weather was not good for a while so we decided to walk further to Psyke Underground.
It may be an old track as some say, but the experience and ride is still very smooth.

After a ride on Tiki Waka and enjoying the sun that came through it, we passed the closed attraction Challenge of Tutankhamon towards Kondaa.
When you enter the themed section, you get a beautiful view of the track and the imposing station of Kondaa.
We are not going to reveal much about how everything works, but we can only say: WOW.
The park has built a track here that has certainly put Walibi back on the map and it is also unique in track elements.

The ride on its own is an experience and if we can give a recommendation, you can sit in the back on the left.
Of course we won't tell you what feeling this gives ;-)
We do know that if we really tighten the bracket that we will still be lifted out of our seat (airtime).

We will definitely go back to Walibi to do Kondaa again because we found him very sublime in ride experience.

Below you can also enjoy our other photos from that day.

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